Terras Energy is engaged in the business of solar and wind power generation, energy storage systems, and energy management services. Leveraging the expertise and experience gained from operating renewable energy power plants, we primarily focus on the development and operation of grid-connected energy storage systems, expansion of renewable energy aggregation and battery control, with the ultimate goal of expanding the use of renewable energy by meeting the diverse needs of our energy-related customers.

solar and wind power generation, energy storage systems, and energy management services

Solar PV and Wind Power Generation Business

We operate 51 solar, wind, and other renewable energy power plants in Japan and overseas with a generating capacity of 823 MW*1. We sell the electricity generated to retail electricity providers and other entities. Our future focus will be on two main areas: 1) the development and construction of new renewable energy power plants, and 2) the provision of support services for renewable energy procurement to customers (such as corporations and municipalities) based on corporate power purchase agreements (Corporate PPA). Through these two points, we strive to promote the widespread adoption of renewable energy facilities that are beneficial to various stakeholders.

  • *1 As of January 1, 2024

Operation of renewable energy power plants

We are engaged in the maintenance and operation (O&M) of solar, wind, and other facilities, optimization of risk control, and operations (asset management) to maximize returns.

Power plants​


Generating Capacity​

823 MW*1

Annual electricity consumption
of a typical household

Approx. 390,000 households*2

Annual CO2 emission reduction

Approx. 500,000 t-CO2*3
  • *1 As of October 1, 2023
  • *2 Electricity consumption per average household is calculated at 3,600 kWh/year.
  • *3 Domestic only.

Development and construction of solar PV and wind power plants

We oversee the end-to-end management of projects, including the planning of new solar and wind power plants, securing project sites, obtaining permits and approvals for development, communicating with local stakeholders, and constructing the power plants.

Energy Storage Business

We develop and install grid-connected battery storage systems*1 (energy storage facilities) and operate them through the multi-use battery control of our proprietary platform ‘ReEra’*2. Our goal is to help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy through the development of energy storage.

  • *1 Grid-connected battery storage systems refer to facilities that connect energy storage units to the power grid, enabling them to charge and discharge electricity in response to the power supply and demand as well as market dynamics. These systems play a crucial role in absorbing the fluctuations in power generation caused by the variable nature of renewable energy sources such as changes in weather conditions, thereby helping to stabilize power supply and demand.
  • *2 A comprehensive VPP platform service with a set of features that can be used by renewable energy aggregators.

Development and installation of grid-connected batteries
(energy storage plant)

We are engaged in the planning of grid storage battery projects and renewable energy co-located storage battery projects, obtaining permits and approvals and other contracts, installation management, and operation management.


First battery storage project
Launched on October 26, 2023

Terras Energy Nagasaki Koyagi Energy Storage

Output scale: approx. 2MW
Storage capacity: approx. 5.1MWh

Energy Management Business

We are engaged in the renewable energy aggregation business using our self-developed comprehensive VPP platform service called ‘ReEra’ to assist in forecasting power generation and optimizing the operation of multiple power plants. We also provide energy storage control services to achieve cost-effective battery operation using the same platform. Through these activities, we are supporting various businesses in their efforts to promote the widespread adoption of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Aggregation

We provide SaaS offerings for the power generation forecasting feature of ‘ReEra’ and support the optimal operation of renewable energy power plants by forecasting power generation, submitting power generation plans, and handling imbalances using AI.

Energy storage control

We offer SaaS services for the multi-use control functionality of the ‘ReEra’ battery storage system. Our services include supporting the economic operation of battery storage systems based on our operational experience with in-house projects.


We have formed strategic partnerships to expand the use of renewable energy.