Exeger Operations AB

Exeger is a Swedish deep tech company manufacturing carbon positive dye-sensitized photovoltaic material, named Powerfoyle, which works efficiently in ambient light conditions, in both artificial and natural light, with the po- tential to enable self-powered devices.
Powerfoyle is the unique material that can be printed in free-form and different colors, allowing it to seamlessly en- hance any consumer electronic product it is integrated into with extended or even eternal battery life, putting the power of cutting edge solar technology directly into the hands of consumers.
Terras Energy intends to partner with Exeger to accelerate the global launch of its ultra-thin, flexible dye-sensitized pho- tovoltaic material and open up a wider array of new Exeger powered products.

The Tomorrow Companies Inc. uses the infrastructure of the connected world -- wireless signals, connected vehicles, satellite-to-ground microwave signals, street cameras, IoT devices, airplanes and drones -- together with traditional meteorological data sources, to provide accurate, real-time, location-specific, and on-demand weather forecasts to any industry with a needfor hyper-accurate forecasting.
The AI powered weather intelligence software provided by can automate companies’ operational decisions and action plans based on how historic, real-time and future weather will impact their business.
Terras Energy will also explore new business opportunities globally by deploying's weather forecasting systems especially at the intersection of renewable energy, IoT and mobility.

*ClimaCell Inc. changed its name to The Tomorrow Companies Inc. in March 2021.

Aulton New Energy Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.

Aulton has developed and sold battery cases and frames for battery-swapping electric vehicles (EV). It also develops and operates battery swapping stations that can changes a battery within 20 seconds to complete the entire swap service in one minute. Terras Energy and Aulton entered into a strategic partnership agreement in July 2020 to promote a business that combines renewable energy and the battery swapping business. With time-shifting of electricity demand through converting renewable energy into millage, Terras Energy explores new business opportunities by creating demand for electricity generated by renewable sources and developing sustainable energy management systems.