Solar Photovoltaic Generation

Unlimited energy of the Sun

Construction and commencement of operation of a solar park is rather short term compared to other renewable parks.
We construct and operate solar parks across the nation to expand and increase the use of renewable energy.


Terras Energy supervises from planning to operation in a consistent way.

Terras Energy is focused on solar energy, which takes a shorter time from construction to application compared to other renewable energy sources. We take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FIT) and build up the Mega Solar business.
Terras Energy serves as a hub for all stakeholders and manage the entire process from planning and construction to management after operation start. Our business is safe, smooth, and regionally based.
The facility is designed for stability and safe operation for 20 years after construction.

Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

A system in which utility company must purchase power generated from solar, wind, hydraulic, geothermal or biomass at a fixed price for a set period of time designated by the government.

Development flow

We take numerous initiatives to protect the life of local residents from the beginning of construction to after the commencement of power plant operation.

※This is a standard construction schedule for a 2MW solar power plant. The schedule may largely change depending on the land condition and the weather of the planned construction site.

Besides the construction, there are many tasks involved in each phase of developing a solar park, such as financing, setting up and operating SPC (special-purpose company), communicating with utility and local government, briefing to community residents.
Terras Energy have developed and operated various sizes of solar parks from Hokkaido to Kyushu. We apply our experience to build new solar projects.

Consideration for environment and safety during the development phase

In an effort to avoid disturbances to the local residents during the construction, Terras Energy devises various ways that are best match to each community through first-hand dialogues.

Briefing session with local residents

We hold briefing sessions with local residents to explain the schedule, method and management structure of the construction before we make a decision to proceed with the project. We place importance on solving any doubts or concerns of the local residents.

Noise and vibration control

We visit all residents adjacent to the site to explain the construction schedule and to understand the hours they are usually at home so that we can avoid having heavy equipment and apply tools with minimal noise and vibration during those hours.

Mechanism and Structure of power plant

Solar battery module, inverter and grid connection substation comprise a solar photovoltaic power plant. Terras Energy studies local climate and topography to design a plant that has the least environmental impact and the best safety measures.

❶ Solar Battery Module

The solar battery module emits electrons when light hits the semiconductor, which is mainly composed of silicon. This is called the “photoelectric effect”, and this is how the module generates electricity.It is called a "battery", but it cannot store electricity.

❷ Inverter (PCS)

The electricity generated by the solar battery module is 'direct current' the same as a battery produces. However the electricity more commonly used is 'alternate current'. PCS is a device which converts electricity from direct current to alternate current.

❸ Grid Connector Transformer Equipment

The power generated by Mega Solar is connected to the power company's electricity distribution cables. This is called “grid connection”. The grid connection transformer equipment regulates the electricity to match the power company's distribution cable.


In order to safely operate the solar parks, Terras Energy has built up know-hows on plant supervision and analysis, SPC management, and fund management.

Operation and Maintenance

Monitor and analyze occurrence of abnormality and operating performance, we maintain stable operation for a long time. Having visibility of the operation status allows us early detection of breakdown and abnormality, which leads to achieving high utilization rate.

SPC Management

Special Purpose Company is normally setup to operate a large scale solar plant. Having a team of professionals in the fields of legal, tax service and accounting, and backed by track records of multiple SPC management, Terras Energy maintains and manages the plant appropriately.

Renewable Energy Sourcing Support

We support corporate and municipal users to procure electricity from renewable sources.