Renewable Energy Sourcing Support
for Corporate and Municipal Users

We support corporate and municipal
initiatives for a carbon-free society.

Japan declared to become carbon neutral by 2050 and decarbonization in business activities has become one of key challenges for companies and municipal users.
Terras energy supports the procurement of electricity from renewable sources for their business activities.

Business Overview

We support companies and local governments to procure electricity from renewable sources by proposing an optimal plan for the power consumption, business specifications and carbon free objective.
Corporate and municipal users with a goal to procure electricity from renewable sources for their business activists

Q & A

Q We don’t know where to start in terms of taking a concrete action toward decabonization.
A Terras energy proposes an optimal plan that is best suited for your circumstances and supports the procurement of renewable energy that satisfies the RE100 criteria.
Q We would like to install solar power generation facilities for our private consumption but we don’t have enough land nor roof-top space. What should we do?
A Terras Energy develops solar power plants on behalf of the corporate and municipal customers. It is not necessary for the customers to secure land and install the facilities on your own.
Q We would like to procure electricity from renewable sources at minimal CapEx and OpEx with the least effort.
A Terras Energy provides a comprehensive service of developing and maintaining solar generation facilities, combined with the advanced power generation forecast, on a self-consignment system. There is no initial capital requirement nor maintenance burden on the customers.

Proposal steps

We propose the optimal plan for the current state of electricity consumption, the characteristics of businesses, and the renewable sourcing target.








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