Information Security Policy

Information security basic policy

Terras Energy Corporation (hereafter called “TRE”) has developed "Information Security Policy" mentioned below in order to always get the trust of society including our customers.
TRE intends to maintain information security by protecting information assets from various threats and by properly handling them.


Comply with the information security-related statutes and other rules.

2.Buildup of information security management structure

Set up an organization to manage TRE information security as well as assign "Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)".

3.Implementation of information security measures

Identify threats and handle them with appropriate organizational, physical, personnel and technical controls. In the event of an accident, TRE will respond promptly in order to minimize the damage with putting customer protection on the highest priority.

4.Management of employees

Ensure that all people engaged in TRE business are given sufficient security education / training to perform activities with the information security literacy.

5.Continuous improvements of Information Security

Improve management structure continually and various measures relating to information security by implementing evaluation regularly.

November 1, 2012.