President's Message

Our goal is to achieve a carbon-neutral society for a better future.

Since our establishment in 2011, we have been engaged in advanced initiatives spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy from upstream to downstream.
Specifically, we have three main areas of focus:

1.Generating Energy
We produce renewable energy including solar power generation.
2.Aggregating and Regulating Energy
We offer Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) through the integration of AI, IoT, and energy. Additionally, we charge energy into storage batteries.
3.Delivering Energy
We supply energy generated and stored in batteries to the market.

As a leading company in the renewable energy industry, our goal is to achieve a carbon-neutral society through these three initiatives for a better future.

In April 2023, we adopted a new company name, Terras Energy Corporation, incorporating the Latin word “Terra” which means “earth,” and the message “Our company lights up the future of the Earth.”

Currently, our company operates 51 power plants both domestically and internationally.
Looking forward, we will continue to strive for new initiatives that uphold our responsibility for the future, such as developing carbon-neutral energy sources like hydrogen and bioenergy. We are also committed to creating a system that repurposes used solar panels as a valuable resource, contributing to a more sustainable future.

We will keep shining a light on the future of our planet while humbly seeking understanding and cooperation from communities and individuals in the region.

Representative Director & CEO